You probably heard the sentence “Content is king.” What this refers to is words. It will always be king- your word content- because that is what people use to search the Internet.

With that in mind, what does this have to do with blogging? We don’t know the true data metrics that search engines like Google uses, but there are educated guesses. A fast website, mobile responsive, and a secure website plus many other factors. Another factor is not having a static website. Google hates static websites. Sites that are frozen with infrequent or no changes in the word content.

Websites are frequently crawled by what the industry calls “Google spiders.” They crawl or read websites to understand the relevance of the webpage. They index websites with the keywords or key phrases they find and position that website in their SERP or search engine result page.

Thus, when you blog on your website you give the spiders new content to index. Plus, a better positioned website in the SERP.

Now writing content can be a challenge. Just write freely about your business or recent updates keeping your key words and phrases in mind. Don’t be afraid to use industry words. They will index you as a professional in your industry. Inserting links to pages on your site that include those words helps too. If you are using images, please supply an ALT text, noting your company or industry and describing the picture.

Once you start on the road to blogging it will get easier. I have one business and the blogging site gets way more traffic than its static component.

If you write steady you will get followers to you blog. That increases visits to your site and possibly new customers! So, start adding words with your blog today.

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