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About Me


My name is Darren J. Oates. I can write engaging web and blog content without the use of AI. I have sufficient knowledge of the markup languages of Html and CSS to understand and make changes to websites. I have a formal education  as a  Professional Web Designer with a working business in the field. I am expertly skilled in the Adobe applications of Illustrator(vector graphics), Photoshop (imaging manipulation) , InDesign ( desktop publishing of documents) and WordPress, Joomla! and Wix. I am very good at SEO- search engine optimization where I configure text and images on my clients websites to increase their chances of being found first over their competitors. My other assets are  time management, collaboration, customer service, problem solving, and event management. I’m also proficient in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


I gained a degree as a chef from Washington, DC in 1985. I worked in that field for over 20 years. Cooking in restaurants from fast food operations to white table clothes establishments. Restaurant experience taught me how to work with the public and I gained a strong work ethic. As I matured, I felt the desire to use my mind more than my back. I started an event and self-taught myself some web design to get people for it. I then felt I needed a formal education in the field and received an associate degree as a Website Development Specialist and another one in Graphic design from Butler County Community College.


One of my goals is to make awesome logos for any client that needs one. To have a whole graphic design division within my company. To find and create a personal brand. I also want to do other graphic design work such as signs, billboards, flyers, and the myriad of other applications a graphic designer does. Including business cards, posters, book and magazine covers, and product packaging. Plus, using After Effects for graphic animation has been one of my aspirations. I wouldn’t mind working in a big design house with many clients and with a team for a while, to gain more experience, but I would always freelance my skills.