I can do it! It will look awesome and function the way you want it to.Plus with my SEO knowledge I can get you on the second if not the first page in searches. I presently work very well with Joomla! if you need a website with a database. I also have personal websites in WordPress, that I have been editing for years. I achieved Godaddy Pro status a few years ago. Godaddy Pro tools show up in a single dashboard view allowing for simplified client management. I’m keeping an GPA of 4.0 in college and will graduate with an Associates Degree as a Website Development Specialist in June of 2020. I also can do Digital Signage.The follow is a list of my skills at this time; HTML/JavaScript/CSS, Microsoft Suite , WYSIWYG, Bootstrap, Email Marketing, Blogging, Event Coordinator, PHP, SEO, React, jQuery, and Digital Signage. Believe me when i say I can do it!!