Downtime as a Graphic Designer

What I do as a graphic designer is practice my skills in Illustrator and Photoshop by making creating logo primitives. Trending applications of logos are not to be literal as in Starbucks not using a bean for their logo or Nike not using a shoe. Not to knock a literal...

BC3 Art and Portfolio Show 2022

Wow, what an awesome event that has returned is the “Butler County Community College Art Show.” My fellow students and I put together our analog portfolio with some, like me displaying a digital portfolio. The seniors were given the privilege of using the...

My Pre-mid-term Graphic Design Art Work

Well I am on my way to the mid-term of my first semester in college to get a graphic design degree. I think I have some great creativity and a good “eye” artistically. Though my teacher is assessing average in my grading, I have 3 more semesters to go and...