Graphic Arts Degree

New Email Address

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Went to Commencement

Gregg, my mom, and I went to the drive-thru commencement ceremony yesterday 8/1/2020 at Butler County Comm College to formally get my diploma as a Website Development Specialist. I also was the featured picture on their Facebook page!

New Direction

I have decided to go an easier path with Divi templates. This is not to undervalue my past work, I will use those tools of course to fix websites I get from clients that want their site amended. You can see below pictures of websites that I have made and other creatives. I also have fashioned my payment portal to protect both sides with a Fiverr gig.

I Graduated and …

Now it is time to explore this exciting world of website design. Though I have a degree as a Website Development Specialist I have enlisted again at Butler County Comm College for a degree in Graphic Design. Someone comment that that is a good combination and I agree. The official commence ceremony is this Saturday. Due to the virus, we have to be in our cars.
At this time I have about 4 active clients and things can only get better as the “best website designer in Butler P.a.”

New Look!


Our practicum

group project

 My first assignment to complete our project is to make an hosting option table for our real client. Our group practicum have four students in it. I have been assigned “web graphics” and in partnership with another student for ” web design/layout”. The client our teacher acquired owns a local car detailing shop, so I expect the site to be picture rich.