Many business owners are not sure where to start when it comes to building a website. This is why we offer website consultation services. We will help you determine the best platform for your needs, how much time you should set aside each week to maintain your site, and what type of content should be included. You can’t afford not to have a strong online presence these days! There are so many different platforms out there that it can be difficult knowing which one would work best for your company’s needs or budget. That’s why we provide expert online marketing consulting services.

As an example I got a call from the Penn’s Colony website designer. She has the task of maintaining there website. Like most people without any formal training she came up against subjects or configurations that she did not understand. She is using a Divi theme builder inside WordPress but could not figure out how to make a portal for a subscribers list. We walked her through that. Also, one page was repeating the same text and image multiple times. I had to fix that in her code. My consultation fee is just $20 a hour , and at Darrrensites we love helping companies or individuals who already have a site and just need a problem solved.