Best web design company in Pittsburgh.

Well, who can really say that right? What I can say is that my clients are very happy with what I create. My 37 reviews on Google will attest to that fact. Our process is professional and agile. Before I meet with you, I will send you an intake form with basic questions about your business. If applicable I will then create a full design brief. Once we meet live or through a video meeting. I will discuss the details of your pain point(s) and what you want to achieve with the website.

An editable Statement of Work ready to be printed once the scope of work is agreed upon will be on hand. I then have my clients create or login to a GoDaddy account. Through the email they used for that account, I request access at the permission level of designing the site only, to start the work. I issue invoices for all transactions.

My average creation time…

Is less than three weeks to have their site completed. But it doesn’t end there. Some developers will just hand you your website, take your cash and say “good luck” getting visits. Here at Darrensites.Pro I apply superior SEO skills to get you first listed on Google then ranked high in the search results. I use techniques outline in this post . Since that post I have acquired more techniques to get you ranked high in the search results. And I have an email blast list of 5000 emails. I have tracking tools to view the number of visits to your site and where they came from, and  social media followers combined of 3000 to advertise you.

My prices…

Are $950.00 for a one-page website, $1200.00 for a multi-page site and $1500.00 for an ecommerce website. Plus, after you are paid in full a $20 per month security fee. Many suggest not posting your prices but let’s face it that is what most people would like to know up front.

I am a 61-year-old Black man, single with a cute cat. I have an associates degree as a website development specialist and another in graphic design. As of this writing I am going for my bachelors degree in graphic design at SNHU. I am a personable person with an office in the front entrance of my home. In closing and if you got this far, thank you. Whether you have a web presence that could be improved or need to start one you have found the right company. PORTFOLIO

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