Recently I got ask on Nextdoor, the value for a business of having a website versus getting it known by “word of mouth.” The value of a web presence in one word is “visuals.” Visuals as in both text, videos and images. Your service or products are able to be “seen” at all times. Say for example you love Sally’s bake shop. She does not have any web presence her business was “okay” but now because of Covid-19 she would like to start delivering her products. She may paste a flyer in her front window and tell a few people, but the news and details of this new service will be very slow. She may tell several people, but that information won’t be as tangible as seeing her new service plus her location , times of business hours, contact information, her beautiful pictures of her baked items, and prices, that a website could convey.

Word of mouth you cannot control and know what they are saying. At this time of social distancing, who is sitting around grouped up and chatting anyway?

The second reason a business should have a website is targeting. This person stated that he may use the Pennysaver printed advertising flyer. Consider that a user actually inputs the keywords to a device that relates to your services and we at Darrensites.Pro have optimized those words for people to land on your website. In a random newspaper you are not hitting your target audience. Also the numbers are greater for your business to be known about when a business is online then by ” word of mouth.” Sure people may hear about you, but with a good website available 24/7, they can really check you out and contact you and read your reviews. Again, printed ads target everyone, well everyone is not looking for your business. With a keyword optimized website the users word input finds your business. You are what they were looking for!

Sally may ask new customers how they heard about her shop and the numbers that would say ” Catherine told me about it” versus “I just asked my phone-bake shops near me” would be much greater with a great website and web strategy implemented by Darresites.Pro

A third reason is brand awareness to compete with the competition. Sally’s only has a homemade logo with her business name on her brick and mortar store front and some business cards. All her competitors have social media business pages, non-static websites and a mailing list. Her competitors can offer deals, coupons, new products instantly, while Sally will have to rely on people like Catherine who has no vested interest in her company, to get the word out about Sally’s new Brioche bread products. Even if a business is doing good without a web presence it will do great with a website.