These are my present skills in web development. I honestly assessed my skills after getting my first degree as a website development specialist, and my current journey to get an associates degree in graphic design. One being good, two being very good and three being excellent. Website Design 3, Digital Marketing 2, Front-end Development 3, E-commerce 1, User Interface Design 3.
Plus, User Experience Design 3, Logo Design 2, Graphic Design 2, Typography 3, Page Layout 3, Image Editing 3,
Compositing 3, Vector Illustration 3, Digital Illustration 2, Drawing 1, Facebook content 3,Social Media 3,
Blogging 2, Microsoft Word 3, PowerPoint 3, Excel 2, and Access 1, Visual Basic 2, Notepad++3,
JavaScript 1, Joomla! 3, WordPress 3, WYSIWYG 3, HTML 3, Wix 3, Text Editors 3,Adobe Illustrator 3,
Adobe InDesign 3,Adobe Photoshop 3

I plan of concentrating on logo design and other graphic design elements and will update my rating in those and other skills. Check back next year when I graduate again.