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Why you should use Darren sites

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Why you should use Darren sites

Formal Education

   Darren Oates graduated on the President’s and Dean’s list. He also had the privilege of being a member of two honor societies for keeping a 4.0 GPA.
He received his associates degree as a Website Development Specialist in 2020 from Butler County Community College.

My Website->


     I started off my interest in making websites with a small membership business I had. I wanted to get more members so I explored creating a website. 
      The basic ones use WYSIWYG editors. I also found a person that explained the intracacies of being online.Things like logos and getting a mailing list.


You may have heard the term of being right or left brained. Well I am definitely more right-brained. I even surprise myself with the creative processes I come up with to solve my clients problems, Let alone the beautiful imagery I make for their websites.


I have a never give up attitude. My previous career was as a chef which I got a degree at a culinary school , thus I know what hard work is from working in restaurants. I apply all that drive to my clients web presence needs.


Through my formal schooling I know coding very well and can implement any changes or build your website from scratch!
With website builders I have worked with Wix, Divi, Elementor, the Gutenburgh editor, Joomla, and my specialty WordPress. Plus Adobe InDesign, Illustrator,and Photoshop.

Customer Service

     Don’t you dislike those companies that have support tickets where you have to wait days for an email to get help? Or the ones where you have to press many numbers just to be put on hold to repeat your question again and again? Well not with me just give me a ring at 724-709-5839 and your support is instant.